How I paid $0 for my New Wedding Dress

I can go on and on about how crazy our society is about spending ridiculous amounts on weddings! Take me back to the old days where we just went to the church and got married and came and had a family lunch!!! Obviously my philosophy on weddings are very different from most. I believe the wedding day is not worth being broke for and real love and work begins after the wedding day. I also believe that you can make great memories without breaking the bank!! But this post isn’t about that, I will save that rant for another day!

Today I want to help you frugal brides save some bucks on a gorgeous wedding dress. I love love love my dress but what makes me love it even more was that I got it balanced out to $0. WOOP WOOP!!

Isn’t it gorgeous!! It obviously wasn’t gorgeous enough for me to keep it for my children and posterity to follow. haha Actually I would rather pass things on that aren’t tangible that will benefit them for not only the wedding day but for years to follow  through out their entire life. So here is my story.

While shopping around for a wedding dresses I really wanted this designer dress by Maggie Sottero. Heck it was out of my budget surprise surprise right…

So I looked online and low and behold I found a knock off made in china. It was one of those websites either DHgate or Aliexpress that seems super dodgy and you know you are probably going to get something that is crazy cheap. (I know it’s sad that they just copy the creativity of these designers.) But heck I wanted a dress that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. It took my awhile before I pushed the buy button! I was so scared I though I was just sending $200 and will never see or hear anything from them. I tried to read all the reviews and talked to the owner of the shop. She was way nice and answered all my questions. I started to feel a little more comfortable about this purchase. She asked for all my measurements everything from height, height with heels, bust, butt and everything. ( I thought I was going to lose weight so I gave my measurements smaller so that’s why my dress is a little tighter than I thought) I went ahead and bought it, I figured “Whats the worst that can happen” if the dress came being really crappy my mum wasn’t a bad seamstress she could put something together and we would survive!!

To my amazement I was head over heels with the quality of the dress!! It wasn’t exactly the same as the designer dress in the store but it was everything I needed. It definatly surpassed my expectations of a online wedding dress from china. So much so that my sister went and bought a dress from this same website for her wedding two years later!

The initial cost of the dress was $197 or something like that. I for sure know it was under $200. The shipping was absolutely free from china. SO YAY!!! A year later I sold this dress for $200 on a online classifieds page. So we netted $0. Which is totally fine for me because we got all the money back but kept all the fun memories of the dress in our photos!

So if you made it this far… Be open to trying something new and different, look at other options. Don’t be scared to order dresses online from china. Even if you are borrowing a dress or get one from a thrift store anything beats paying the 20% off sticker in the wedding store! Your wedding day doesn’t define your future but if you do it right you may be able to kick start your married life on a better financial footing.

Good luck!!

p.s thanks mum for paying for my dress so technically we got to pocket the $200 😉 If ever you want to talk about more frugal ways of living message me I would love to share ideas. How did you save money on your wedding day? Would love to hear your ideas!

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