This blog is our journey in exercising faith and creating freedom for our family. We dream of creating freedom in time, health and lifestyle. We believe in having an abundance of time with our family, working on projects we are passionate about and volunteering in causes that move us. We also want lifestyle freedom where we can  travel to be with both our families at any time or learn and discover other cultures or live in the mountains secluded from everything. We also are working towards financial independence and early retirement so we can be spend our life living it and doing things that we love with the people that we love.

We are here to challenge the ideals of what the current family life. We believe that society has gone far backwards that is causing many of society’s challenges and problems we face today. We believe that in an “ideal” world mother and father are at home to teach, nurture love, guide the children. We believe in our current world today with technology and globalization that it is possible to create this freedom and focus on the family unit. In turn productivity of nations, society, communities will be drastically improved.

Current state of Family Life

  • Graduate from University and Land a “dream” job opportunity to pay off our ridiculous school debt
  • Buy a average car with minimum monthly payments that gets us into more debt
  • Get married and get into some more debt for the expensive ring and a wedding we didn’t know half the people
  • Work longer hours to get a promotion to pay for ALL THE DEBT we have accumulated.
  • Work is looking dismal because i’m constantly stressed and to tired to be with my spouse in the evening
  • We buy a house that we can barely afford chaining me to a high stress job and now with lots more debt
  • We have a child and now with lots more expenses daycare, sports, camps, private school etc etc
  • Father and Mother are working crazy hours to provide. (sometimes for just the basic necessities)
  • We spend more than we can afford or are living paycheck to paycheck
  • We pay for a vacation for much needed family time using our credit card debt
  • We have accumulated more things than we need and can afford and in turn need to keep working to pay for it all
  • We are so busy working that we turn to quick unhealthy alternatives for our family
  • We barely have a few hours with our children even for sit down dinner together.
  • Our weekends are filled with running kids around from one activity to another and family relationships suffer
  • Our children are glued to their devices or caught up in activities that we have little to no meaningful conversations OR relationship building moments with them.
  • We wear our badge of busyness with pride
  • Children are at school all day in classroom settings with minimal exposure to outside real world environments (occasional field trip)
  • Our children suffer from many mental illnesses, depression anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and we think how the heck did that happen?
  • We want to give the best we can so we put them in better schools, private tutoring, competitive sports, other extra curricula activities, phones, nice clothes, latest technology adding to the stress and draining the bank account.
  • We then encourage our Kids to go to college to get their dream job
  • Before we know it they are in this repeating this wonderful cycle we call LIFE!!

Our children Need US, We need to create the freedom to focus on our family because as we do this communities, society, and nations will be strengthened.