What’s up Rebels!!!!

This blog is our journey in exercising faith and creating financial freedom for our family. In turn this will allow us to create freedom in other areas of our life, time, health and lifestyle and all that good stuff! We love the idea of “retiring” early (having the option to work) and focusing on being with our family and serving others.

We want to revolutionize family life. That we “NEED” to have a 9-5 job to support the family. That we “SHOULD” work till we are 65.  That we “NEED” to settle and buy a home. Today families are spending more time apart than they are together. We want to change that.  By working towards financial freedom parents will be able to come back to their families earlier. In turn parents can fulfill their roles better and grandparents will be available to enjoy their grandkids. We believe every family can do this on whatever income they are earning. We believe that through purposeful planning and consistent dedication you can retire early and focus on the things that matter most.

Will it require sacrifice? Heck yeah!!! But will it be worth it?? You decide…

How do you get there?? There are so many paths to financial independence! From investing in real-estate, stock market, frugal living, online income, owning businesses and so much more. We don’t care what you do we just want to help you just do it!!

As we turn to strengthening and focusing on the family, communities will be strengthened, societies, nations and the world will reap the rewards too.






Because of my rebellious nature, I have somehow stumbled across this idea of FIRE! (Financial Independence Retire Early) And am fascinated by it in every way!

How am I rebellious…(more just challenge status quo, inquisitive if you want to get fancy)

I never shaved my legs in high school and was known with the one with hairy legs. (Always through snickering behind my back of course) Oh and when I did I only shaved one leg and thought it was hilarious. (Mind you I was at an all girls high school)

I wore my grandmas clothing and sewed my own clothing from 10 years old when I first learnt to sew. Because I got negative attention, I did it more!

I got married within 6months of dating and flew halfway across the world to live in a foreign country…(talk about my parents worst nightmare)

I chop my own hair, don’t follow recipes, don’t watch movies or own a TV, walk and run in barefeet, and if this sounds normal to you than you will fit right in!!!

Oh and I don’t edit and proofread because I just don’t have time for that. I’m more about just getting the main message across and if you get it that’s the main thing. If you have a problem with that you are more than welcome to do some editing for me!! 🙂

On a serious note I love helping others reach financial goals. So holla at your girl if you want to chat!!!